In one of the major Italian Historical setting, the wonderful city of Floence, wich as always been a forge of Innovative movements of thought and crade of revolutionary visions of the relationship between Man and the Universe, the artistic works come to life of Alessandro Dari, Master in Jewelry arts, Sculptor and Musician, his training has its roots and its continuing inspiration in the main Historical current wich, trough costant Spiritual pursuits impregnate and hallmark his works in what are unique and ambitious forms and philosophies. Honorary University Professor of Gold in the Faculty of Architecture in Florence, in 2003 he was Awarded the Perseo prize for the best Artist of the City and in 2006 was appointed chosen Artist of the Vatican.


Elena De Francesca began as a researcher in the Biological world, but was later encouraged by her passion for Jewelry Design over the years to begin to design jewels and immediately noted the magic effect in the eyes of others, symbolism and its infinity fascinated Elena De Francesca and led to her first collection named “Protect me” inspired by the eye, a symbol which represents sight, that is the possibility to see in the widest sense: Comprehension, Knowledge and Omniscience, the focal point of the trademark lies in the valorization of the Ambrosian craftsmen starting from the most antique Renaissance goldsmiths’ techniques, modifying them in a modern fashion key.


Costanza is an Italian Fine Jewelry Designer, Daughter to seasoned professional jewelers with over 50 years Story in the jewellery business, her uniquely aesthetic collection fuses the world of contemporary fashion and fine jewelry, where the highest quality differentiates the brand. All GiòElle jewelry is made in the finest materials, 18 Carat Gold, Diamonds and precious stones, every piece is handcrafted in her home town Arezzo, where the heritage of jewelry craftsmanship speaks for itself.


Luca Cantarelli was born and raised in Sardinia, he has been living and working in Milan since 2012, Luca started his artistic journey very young, surrounded by many of his family members who are Writers, Painters, Sculptors and Singers. After obtaining his Law Degree, Luca studied Design and entered the world of Fashion in 2012, from there Luca re-focused his talent on Jewelry Design, contributing to the rebranding of a well known designer in Milan. It was during the 2020 Lockdown that Luca started designing his own collection which features genuine Silver and Natural Stones.The Luca Cantarelly brand is like no other in Italy, incorporating street style and sportswear elements. Luca's work has been featured on Vogue, Cosmopolitan, i-D and Vice.


Each piece is bold and unique in its own right and carries with it a symbolic message that can stand the test of time, initially inspired by his travels around the world, Marco Dal Maso went on to launch his bold brand that reflects antique culture and tradition, all the jewelry is handcrafted by the most skilled of artisans in Italy which adds to the distinctive character of the brand. MARCO DAL MASO believes that the jewels we choose to connect with are sacred to our souls and should celebrate our individual identities.


The Maison Spallanzani was founded in 1880 by Carlo Spallanzani, his sons Luigi and Remo, and grandson Guido head successfully at the head of the Maison. In 1881, Spallanzani opened his first store via Dante 7 in Milano and moved to corso Matteotti in the heart of the fashion district in 1967, in February 1968, to celebrate the first san Valentine in the new store, Guido designed the first personalised bracelet with the coded message "you are everything that I love"; Only You and Manette collections are now part of the iconic pieces.


Elisabeth Paradon is the creator of the extraordinary brand of jewellery known as “Ziio”, she began designing in the early eighties. Her hand worked creations, made with silver and semi precious stones, utilise an exclusive technique developed through years of experience, acquired during a lifetime of traveling, working and living in different lands, her creations captured the eyes of many, including royalty Queen Rania of Jordan looked absolutely stunning in her Ziio necklace. Elisabeth uses mainly natural gemstones with inspiring color blends, Silver and Murano glass beads of incredible craftsmanship.