Ivan Perini,
was present as the Contest Judge together with colleagues:
(Barracchia Elisabetta Direttore Vogue Accessory Vanity Fair, Gianni De Liguoro Designer Azienda di Gioielli De Liguoro, Irina Slesareva Direttrice Jewellery Review Magazine, Maristella Cambi Giornalista Moda e Costume, Luca Solari Fondatore Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana Via Savona, Liza Urla Jewelery Blogger Blog Gemologue), at the 2019 Edition of ArtistarJewels, the International Event that offers Exclusive Jewels of International Designers and Artists (140), from many Countries of the World.
The Award Ceremony took place inside the beautiful Palazzo Bovara in Milan.
Ivan Perini evaluated the Jewels based on: Idea, Project, Realization both from a Stylistic and a Manufacturing point of view and for Wearability.
Is happy to introduce, on its Digital Channel, the Designer he has Awarded as one of the Winners of the Contest: Anna Maccieri Rossi.
Her Brand pay tribute to the Concept of Time, through the Savoir Faire and the Experience gained in the World of Luxury Watchmaking in Swistzerland, creating a New Concept of Jewelry.
It combine Elegance, Manufacture, Unique Pieces to wear everyday jewelry, all with their own Story to tell…