Ivan Perini, High Jewelry Advisor, Talent Scout,
Was present as Jury Member for the Second time at the International Jewelry Contest ArtistarJewels (24-27 October 2019) Fall Edition, held in Milan in Palazzo Bovara during the First Jewelry Week under the Patronage of Milan Institutions.
My Jury Colleagues: Laura Inghirami Founder of Donna Jewel, Gianni de Liguoro Ceo of Liguoro Company, Elisabetta Barracchia Director Vanity Fair, Guido Solari Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana, Irina Slesareva Director of Jewerllery Review Magazine.
We have evalueted together the Jewels/Works Designed and Realized by over 150 Designer coming from all over the World.
Ivan Perini has decided to Reward the young Designer from China, Xiaohui Yang because he has considered that for Concept, Stylistic Evolution and Innmovation his Creation was Unique and with an impeccable manufacture.
Congratulations then to Xiaohui… following photos of the Contest and Interview at the Designer!

1 – Hi! ArtistarJewels was your first Jewelry Event? If not, can you tell us which one you participated in?
ArtistarJewels was not my first jewellery event. The first jewellery event I participated was the 2009 Modern Handmade Fifth China Arts Exhibition in Beijing China.

2 – I would like to ask you … what was your career path?
I am is a Chinese artist working in jewellery and ceramics, and a lecturer in the Jewellery Department at Shandong University of Art and Design. I obtained a Doctor of Visual Arts degree from the Queensland College of Art (QCA), Griffith University in 2019, and obtained a Master of Arts with Honours degree from the QCA in 2008. I has been a visiting scholar at QCA, since 2015.

3 – Can you tell us what inspires your Style and why?
My background field is interior design. My background knowledge inspired me to see the relationship between jewellery and human body in different way. I regard the interactive relationships between jewellery and body space, as a dynamic ‘Yin Yang’ relationship which is not simple unidirectional but complicated bidirectional. On the one hand, jewellery created by human hands records and reflects human culture, beliefs, and attitudes of people towards the body. On the other hand, jewellery affects and reshapes the human body. My research focuses on the relationship between jewellery and body space (personal space and interpersonal space). I aim to promote dynamic responses from both the viewer and the potential wearer. Therefore, rather than making traditional jewellery I prefer to create objects that promote dynamic responses from the viewer or potential “wearer”.

4 – What do you want to convey or communicate through your Jewels?
The main discussion in my projects “Wearable Mirror Check Machines” is ‘How can jewellery help us observe personal and interpersonal space?’. By making jewellery with mirrors and intended for different forms of wearing to reflect the wearer’s body experiences, I aim to detect and interrupt this overlapped personal and interpersonal space. There are three aluminium objects in this series, three necklaces: Selfie, Side Mirror, Self-Portrait Machine; and a bracelet Finger Dance Partner. These works can be regarded as both ‘wearable installations’ and ‘props’. By interacting with these moveable and adjustable machines with different postures and movements from different perspectives, people can not only view their bodies from different angles but
also communicate with their own reflections in a primitive way. As props, these works bridge the body and mind, self and others reflecting a true and illusionary world. When the viewer is wearing and playing with these objects, they become performers. The movement of their bodies will be reflected in the mirror to create a surreal and dramatic stage.
People play different social roles in the socialisation process. The body reflects these roles by presenting varying appearances and behaviours—like the chameleon’s skin which replicates the patterns of its surroundings. The purpose of creating the Self- Portrait Machine, is to provide the wearer with the opportunity to observe, to learn, to record, and to express themselves in their own body space by drawing themselves. My work Self-Portrait Machine creates a real-time operational opportunity for wearers to temporarily step back from their bodies, to observe the transformation in their behaviour reflected their bodies, and to examine their spontaneous reactions.
When people carefully review and are absorbed in depicting the graceful beauty of their bodies, they transform from a wearer to an observer. Through observing, studying, and performing their own bodies in different environments, wearers are invited to experience ‘identity tourism’ between the reality and the illusion, the inner world, and the outer world, and between being and nothingness.

5 – Your New Projects?
I have not started my new projects yet. But I plan to make an object for a group of people to wear.

6 – Are you happy with the Award received, and the Experience in Milan trough ArtistarJewels?

Yes! I am very honored and happy to receive the Ivan Perini Award. Thank you so much for your support! I haven’t got a chance to attend the opening of the exhibition in Milan. This was my very first Jewelry Event in Italy.