For me Jewelery is Passion, not just a Work.. I wanted to do this since I was little! My 20 years of experience in the Jewelry Industry, it all started at the Age of 16, I left formal school to work for Bottega Orafa Fiorentina within the famous Quarters of San Frediano in Florence, where since 1987 all the Florentine Artisans, Artist resided in their workshops. I started as a “Boy of Bottega”, I was commissioning the Laboratory and spent whole days at the “Cerino” (making models waxes) and witnessing the Masters at work who would eventually confirm my capacity and level of skills. So Much Passion, Endless Waiting, Little Spiccioli.. This is the famous “Gavetta”. The plight of every young his beginnings.


In the Years to come I became the Craftsman Orphans Manager of the Laboratory. I managed the realization of Jewelry commissioned by private clients.. reassuring all aspects of production with industry collaborators; Stone setter, Gem seller, Engravers, etc.. This laboratory setting has permitted me to do prestigious work thats has given me a sincere sense of Satisfation on both the Technical and Human level. Having spent a lot of time in the US for work, I was able to understand the Commercial and Relational aspects with the actual customers. In June 2008 the Adventure began with, which until then had never had a Jewelery Department.Everything was to create, imagine the challenge.. within the “Temple of Fashion”, one of the most Famous Luxury Concept Store in the World. It all started through my knowledge of the Sector as a Craftsman.Then the first Trips: Paris, London, Rome, Basel, Milan.etc.. places that also hosted International Fashion Weeks, On these occasions l immersed myself in Scouting Research, result of this Research brought into LuisaViaroma’s showcases many Exlusive Collaborations with Brand/Designers from all over the World.


Special Edition, Limited Edition in Jewelry and Watchmaking, have attributed to the LuisaViaRoma Jewelery Department. Over the years it has become a Exclusive and Efficient Department. My Collaborations are many in the Years, with Brand / Designer like: Antonini, Chantecler, Parmigiani Fleurieur, Delfina Delettrez, Seeme, Buccellati, Vennari, Fernando Jorge, Chopard, Lisa Courteille, Jade Jagger, Gerard Perregaux and many more in the Fashion Jewelry Segments, Body Harnesses and Watches both Luxury and Fashion. So many years, presenting Young Designers that I brought to the knowledge of the general public through and who are now Branded in the International Jewelery Panorama. I have personally handled Research, Selections, Relationships with Brand Designer, creating Corners within the shop, total-looks, and above all Jewelry Relationships and Sales that I personally have selected to LuisaViaRoma’s Customers.


IVANPERINI.COM is the Result of many years of Experience in the Jewelery and Watchmaking Sector, It is the end result of hundreds of Brand/Designer Collaborations around the World that have shown me their Professional and Human Estimate. The Innovative Idea is to navigate IVANPERINI.COM’s customers in a different way and through the Jewelry On-Line Shopping Experience! My concept is to offer the customer and visitor of IVANPERINI.COM the maximum Professional reliability through my Selections through.. “Buyer Selection’s”, and to offer you all the Seriousness and Experience that this type of shopping needs to finalize the Buy directly with the Manufacturer!


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